We are Green Ocean Co. This is why we exist.

Hello. We are Green Ocean Co., but you can call us GOCo. We are a new marketing company focusing on the green health and science industries. Green Ocean Marketing

You may be asking yourself, “There are thousands of marketing companies, why does Green Ocean Co. exist?”

In a world full of entrepreneurs, designers, innovators, and tech-savvy prodigies, is there any room in the ocean for more creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, brilliant technological ideas, new markets, or markets reformed? Absolutely.

The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean.
It covers 30% of the earth’s 196 million square miles. That is a lot of space. There are currently 7.5 billion people in the world. That is a lot of people. 
Each human matters. Each square mile of the earth matters. Each wave of the ocean matters.

There is space. Plenty of space. There is space for us. And there is space for you, your ideas, and your business.

Green Ocean Co. exists to partner with the green health and science industry in providing expansive marketing services to help these markets grow. We team up with innovative, alternative, and sustainable companies who want to make an impact on people, business, and the Earth.  

Two examples of newer and innovative industries in the green health and science market are industrial hemp and medical cannabis. Industrial hemp is projected to explode to 13.03 Billion dollars in the next few years. It is starting to become an incredibly highly desired and profitable material for various types of production companies across many industries. Medical cannabis is becoming legal in more and more states, which also leads to a surge of new business opportunities.

New markets are being created right before our eyes.

If you belong to any type of sustainability initiative, we are the right team for you. If you belong in the green industry, you belong in the Green Ocean.

Why are we called Green Ocean Co.?

We are the Blue Ocean marketing company for the green industry. We disrupt markets with our creative and innovative strategies, because like the ocean, these industries have unreached potential ready to be explored by everyone - including you. The ocean is big enough for new ideas, new markets, new people, and new money.

We are called Green Ocean Co. because our focus is on the green industry...but that won’t stop us from partnering with you if you find yourself in a different ocean. We are ready to explore the unreached potential for your brand.

What services do we offer?

We are a digital marketing company and our services include:
SEO, Strategy, Consulting, Social Media, Branding, and more.

Strategy - We partner with your company to share your story and transform your digital footprint. Whether you are a new start up, or need to reinvent your brand, we will guide you on your journey of exploring unreached potential.

Digital Marketing - Our approach to marketing is creative, personal, and bold. We strive to connect people to the difference you are bringing to the world, as well as helping you grow to your greatest potential in sales, brand, and community.

Social Media - One of our specialties is using the tool of social media to connect people with innovative brands, building community, and generating profit. Our efficiency in this skill will guarantee your company’s online footprint is well known.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is one of the biggest tools for getting discovered online and growing your business. Our SEO services are extensive and will guarantee you are found on Google and other search engines.

Branding - Our branding comes with unique thought and intentional design. The purpose of your brand is to tell your story and effectively communicate what you have to offer to the world. Our branding strategies and execution will assure that your story and services are never lost in the sea of potential where opportunity and growth surface.

Are you ready to disrupt some markets with Green Ocean Co.? Let’s partner in the sea of opportunity together. Contact us today!